AR# 32862


Virtex-6 - Known Issues for Lower Power Virtex-6 -1L device


The Virtex-6 Lower Power (Virtex-6 -1L) device is supported in ISE Design Suite 11.2, but IP and third-party software support is limited.


ISE Design Suite 11.2 supports and allows users to target Virtex-6 FPGA Lower Power devices. 
At this time, there is limited IP support and no third-party synthesis tool support for these devices.  
For details on which IP are supported for the 11.2 release of ISE Design Suite, see the IP Release Notes Guide at:
If Virtex-6 Lower Power device support is required, as a work-around, you can target Virtex-6 -1 devices in the synthesis tool and CORE Generator first, then re-target to Lower Power (-1L) devices during design simulation, implementation, and Power Estimator/Analyzer.
AR# 32862
日期 05/23/2014
状态 Archive
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