AR# 3292


Foundation PCM reports JEDEC-to-ABEL conversion failed after normal completion


Keywords: XABEL, ABEL, JEDEC, jed2ahdl, PCM

Urgency: Standard

General Decription:
When running the JEDEC to ABEL converter (part of the XABEL interface) from the PCM,
the PCM log may issue the error "JEDEC to ABEL conversion failed" even though the
conversion completed normally.


This is most likely due to an erroneous return code from the jed2ahdl program.
If a complete ABEL source file (.ABL) has been generated for the JEDEC module, this
error can be safely ignored.

Note: Jedec to ABEL conversion is only available for a limited set of PAL type devices.
There are no Xilinx tools available to convert CPLD Jedec files the ABEL format.
AR# 3292
日期 03/20/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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