AR# 32994


11.2 Virtex-6 MAP - Virtex-6 NCD files created in beta release unusable


I have an NCD file created by the Virtex-6 beta release of ISE 11.1. When I try to use this NCD as a guide file in ISE 11.2, I see the following error:

EXCEPTION:Pds:Pds_PahDesignLoader.c:351:1.3 - Design load failed.

Why isn't my NCD file upward compatible?


A device model was changed for ISERDES components after the Virtex-6 beta version was released, causing old Virtex-6 designs containing ISERDES components to be invalidated. It will be necessary to rerun the implementation flow without using the old NCD for guide. Any new 11.2 NCD files can then be used for guide going forward.

AR# 32994
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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