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AR# 33012

11.1 EDK - ISE adding an "-lp ?" switch to EDK's system_incl.make


I have an ISE software project which instantiates an XPS project. The design can go through implementation in ISE software, but fails during "Update bitstream with processor data". Error message is as follows:

"Command Line: libgen -mhs system.mhs -p xc5vfx70tff1136-1 -lp ? -msg

__xps/ise/xmsgprops.lst system.mss

ERROR:EDK:1164 - Error running process: xbash -q -c "psf2Edward -pxc5vfx70tff1136-1 -inp system.mhs -xmlD:/project/testcase/mb_base//__xps/system.xml -lpD:/project/testcase/mb_base/?/ ".

ERROR:EDK:2569 - Unable to convert MHS into internal data model. Libgen will abort.

make: *** [microblaze_0/lib/libxil.a] Error 2

ERROR:EDK - Error while running "make -f system.make init_bram"

No changes to be saved in MSS file

No changes to be saved in XMP file

ERROR: Bitstream update failed, XPS did not generate D:/project/testcase/mb_base/implementation/download.bit"

A "-lp ?" option is added to my Libgen command line. In tracing how this option was added to my EDK project, I notice that once I start synthesis in ISE software, the old system_incl.make is updated. "-lp ?" is appended to the line "SEARCHPATHOPT =". Then, "platgen.opt" is updated after synthesis is finished.


This error occurs because the "Global Peripheral Repository" in the Windows registry is set to an empty value.

You should remove the registry entry for Global Peripheral Repository under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Xilinx/EDK/11.1/Platform Studio.

AR# 33012
日期 01/04/2010
状态 Active
Type ??????