AR# 33029


11.2 ISE - When using a remote working directory, macro search directory paths are set to the wrong directory


When I set the Translate property for macro search path, it shows an absolute path in the dialog, but when NGDBuild runs, the path is set relatively. The relative path is from the project directory, not the working directory and NGDBuild fails to find netlists located in the macro search path directories.

Typing in the correct relative path in the dialog Macro Search Path does not fix the problem.


Until this issue is fixed, the best work-around is to enter the Macro Search Path in the Other NGDBuild Command Line Options.

Select Translate -> Process Properties and then, in the "Other Ngdbuild Command Line Options" field type "-sd <path to macro netlist files>"

This is resolved in the ISE 11.3 release.
AR# 33029
日期 02/25/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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