AR# 33074

Licensing - "Warning:Security:42 - Your license support expires in 30 days."


When I run any of the tools that check out a license, amessage similar to the following appears:

"Warning:Security:42 - Your license support version2010.4 forISE expires in 30 days."

The version limit date (2010.4) and the software component (ISE) and the number of days in the example above will vary according to the license available on the users machine.

Will my tools stop functioning after this date?


No, the tools will not stop functioning. This message is to let you know that your warranty period (license support) is close to lapsing.

After the warranty period lapses, the existing tools that you are licensed for will continue to work. You will not be able to download and use any new updates or products that are released after your warranty period has lapsed.



AR# 33074
日期 02/04/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章