AR# 33135


LogiCORE XAUI v8.2 - Incorrect Virtex-6 GTX attribute when not using the IEEE state machines


In the XAUI v8.2 HDL wrappers, the attribute RX_LOSS_OF_SYNC_FSM is incorrectly set when targeting Virtex-6 and deselecting the IEEE state machine in the GUI.


The parameter RX_LOSS_OF_SYNC_FSM is always set to 'FALSE' in example_design/rocketio_wrapper_gtx.v[hd]. This should be set to 'TRUE' when deselecting the IEEE state machines GUI option. 


This only effects Virtex-6 devices in v8.2 of the XAUI core. This will be resolved in the next version of the core.

AR# 33135
日期 05/23/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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