AR# 33421


Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.11 for PCI Express - Core generated for x2 lanes, Virtex-5 FXT or TXT, will not link up


The Endpoint Block Plus for PCI Express v1.11 will never assert trn_lnk_up_n in simulation for a core generated for x2 lanes targeting a Virtex-5 FXT or TXT device. The core also will not function correctly in hardware.


This issue is caused by incorrect settings in the GTX wrapper file for 2-lane cores. The issue has been fixed in the Endpoint Block Plus for PCI Express v1.12 core released with ISE tools 11.3.

Revision History

09/22/2009 - Initial Release.
AR# 33421
日期 08/09/2010
状态 Archive
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