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Xilinx Evaluation Kits - Where can I find the USB UART driver?


I have a Xilinx Evaluation Kit that uses the USB UART port, however the Wizard does not find the appropriate driver files on my machine.

Where can I find this driver?


6 Series Evaluation Kits (for example, ML605, SP605 and SP601) as well as 7 Series Evaluation Kits ( KC705, VC707, AC701), UltraScale Evaluation Kits ( KCU105, VCU108, VCU110), and UltraScale+ Evaluation Kits (ZCU102) use a mini-B USB cable to connect the USB UART port on the board to a PC.

If the driver for this CP210x USB to UART bridge is not automatically recognized, this can be found and downloaded from two locations:

  • Silicon Labs Website:
    You can find the appropriate drivers on the Silicon Labs Website by searching for "VCP drivers CP210x".
  • Alternatively, typing "VCP drivers CP210x" into any Internet search engine should give you results for the appropriate driver files.
    Note: as these are not provided by Xilinx, please ensure to use a trusted source.



AR# 33569
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