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XACT 5 : Install - Installing PC software via a SUN workstation and CD-ROM


General Description:

The following instructions describe how to install XACT5.0 PC product

where the PC has PC-NFS access to workstation hard disks and the

workstation has a CD-ROM drive.


The recommended way to do this is to create a copy of the

CD PC product and install files onto a workstation hard drive

that is accessible by the PC by PC-NFS, and then run the install

program from the PC.

NOTE: The the current install program will not recognize the PC files

on the CD when accessing a SUN CD directly from the PC.

1. Properly mount the CD on the SUN CD drive.

2. Copy the necessary data onto a SUN hard drive that is accessible

by the PC:

2.1 Create a directory on the disk where you will create a CD "image",

and a subdirectory named "pc1", eg

mkdir /<path>/<cdimage>

mkdir /<path>/<cdimage>/pc1

where <path> is an existing path on theWS drive, and "cdimage" is a

name chosen by the user

2.2 Copy the top level files from the CD into the "cdimage", eg

cp -p /cdrom/* /<path>/<cdimage>

2.3 Copy the CD pc1 hierarchy from into the WS disk pc1 directory

using the cd_copy. program.

Using the cd_copy. program will prevent file name case changes, etc.

that would happen otherwise by the WS or PC-NFS.

/cdrom/sn2/install/cd_copy. -r /cdrom/pc1 /<path>/<cdimage>/pc1

NOTE: It will take about 75MB to copy all the PC data. You

could do partial copies, eg

mkdir /<path>/<cdimage>/pc1/ds380

/cdrom/sn2/install/cd_copy. -r /cdrom/pc1/ds380 /<path>/


3.0 Install the products you want from the PC

3.1 On the PC, mount the WS drive, e.g.

net use n: \<path>\<cdimage>\

3.2 Go to the mounted drive and run the install.exe program:


AR# 337
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