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Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper for PCI Express - The[bat] file errors out during synthesis of the wrapper files


Known Issue: v1.13

When using Synplify, the Block Plus wrapper files must be synthesized using XST separately. The resulting NGC file is then blackboxed in the design synthesized with Synplify. When running the implementation script, the following error occurs during synthesis of the wrapper files:

Annotating constraints using XCF file 'endpoint_blk_plus_v1_13_syn_ver.xcf'
ERROR:Xst:1370 - Line 2: Signal name ep/pcie_ep0/pcie_blk/clocking_i/clkout0 not found in design.
ERROR:Parsers:11 - Encountered unrecognized constraint while parsing.
ERROR:Xst:1341 - XCF parsing failed


This is because the path in the XCF file is incorrect.
To fix this, open the xcf file in the <core name>/implement directory and change the path to remove the leading "ep".

For example, the x8 generated xcf would change from:

NET "ep/pcie_ep0/pcie_blk/clocking_i/clkout0" TNM_NET = "CLKOUT0" ;


NET "pcie_ep0/pcie_blk/clocking_i/clkout0" TNM_NET = "CLKOUT0" ;

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