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2.1i, V1.5, V1.4 COREGEN: How to debug COREGEN internal errors, hang and startup problems


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General Description:
Hints on debugging COREGEN internal errors and startup problems.



UNIX Workstations:

1. Make sure you have not moved any COREGEN subdirectories
after running the install. If you have, try reinstalling the software.

2. COREGEN on workstations writes out all errors and warnings
to the coregen.log file in your project directory. Check for
diagnostic messages in this file.

3. If you do not get enough detailed information on where the
program fails, simply invoke Coregen with a -d (debug) option.
This will give you more information on data files being read, etc.
during startup:

<install_dir>/coregen/bin/<platform>/coregen -d

To redirect the output to a file called startup.log, type:

<install_dir>/coregen/bin/<platform>/coregen -d > & startup.log



1. Make sure you have not moved any COREGEN subdirectories
after running the install. If you have, try reinstalling

2. COREGEN 1.5 writes out its startup messages to a file called
"cgstart.log" in the $COREGEN\wkg directory. Runtime messages
are logged into $COREGEN\wkg\coregen.log. Review the
messages in these two files to determine what step is failing
at startup. Editing the coregen.bat file or coregen shortcut target
and adding a -v option will usually give more information on
the status of the program during startup.

3. Try invoking COREGEN from a DOS box, explicitly specifying
the path to the .bat file in $COREGEN\bin\win\coregen.bat.
There may be additional messages displayed in the DOS box.
This approach may be helpful if you have more than one version
of JAVA installed on your machine, or there is an environment

4. If you do not get any useful information this way,
you may first need to make the following edits to the
coregen.bat file, $COREGEN\bin\win\coregen.bat:

- enable echo mode for the batch file so that it
will echo messages to a DOS box
- add a -v (verbose) option to the java commandline
invocation in this file.
- add a "pause" command at the end of the batch file
so that the DOS window will not disappear after
an invocation failure.

Example COREGEN v1.5 coregen script file before modification:
@echo off
c:\coregen\java1.1.3\pc\bin\java.exe -mx128m -classpath c:\coregen\coregen\lib:c:\coregen\coregen\lib\ip:c:\coregen\java1.1.3\pc\bin\lib\ xilinx.xworks.builder.Xworks $COREGEN $1

coregen.bat after making the changes:
@echo on

c:\coregen\java1.1.3\pc\bin\java.exe -v -mx128m -classpath c:\coregen\coregen\lib:c:\coregen\coregen\lib\ip:c:\coregen\java1.1.3\pc\bin\lib\ xilinx.xworks.builder.Xworks $COREGEN $1

AR# 3399
日期 08/29/2001
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