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AR# 3419

1.4 Licensing - In Lmgrd for M1.4 (Flex v5.12), "lmutil lmhostid" returns a host ID that consists entirely of zeros


Keywords: lmutil, lmhostid, Ethernet, hostid, license, FLEXlm, zero

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
M1.3 (Flex v5.0) Lmgrd returns a correct host ID; however, M1.4 (Flex v5.12) returns a host ID that consists entirely of zeros:

'%XILINX%\bin\nt\lmutil lmhostid -ether' within Windows returns:

"Lmutil.exe - Copyright (C) 1989-1997 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
The FLEXlm host ID of this machine is "000000000000"."



In FLEXlm v5.12, changes were made such that modem connections are NOT reported to ISP providers, etc., as Ethernet addresses. A side effect of this that some previously recognized Ethernet addresses are no longer recognized.

To avoid this error, node-lock the license file to the C: drive serial number instead of the Ethernet address.


Generate a new license file, using the hostid of all zeros.


The following resolution was taken from the Globetrotter FAQ at http://www.globetrotter.com/faqch1.htm#Q1, and is for Windows NT users:

The "NWLink IPX/SPX" network driver must be installed. To do this:

- Put the NT system disk in the CD-ROM drive.

- Select "Main".

- Select "Control Panel".

- Select "Network".

- Select "Add".

- Add the NWLink IPX SPX driver.
AR# 3419
日期 07/29/2003
状态 Archive
Type ??????