AR# 3421


M1.4 MAP: ERROR: x4kma:111 -- Design is empty


Keywords: MAP, VHDL, Metamor, empty

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When using Foundation (Metamor) to synthesize a VHDL design and
using Alliance to implement the design, one may encounter the
following error:

ERROR: x4kma:111

This error is followed by a message explaining that the design is empty.

This is a result of the -a option not being set on the edif2ngd
command line. This option must be set so that the M1 core
tools know to insert I/O pads into your VHDL design. Without
I/O pads, all of the logic is sourceless and loadless and will
consequently be trimmed.



The solution is to copy over the appropriate Personality
Modules (PMs) from the Foundation Implementation Tools CD.
These PMs allow M1 to recognize that it is interfacing with a
Metamor-generated netlist and that special options must be set.

Please see solution 3397 for information on how to add these
PMs as well as how to set up Alliance M1 to interface with
Foundation M1.


Alternatively, a user-created Rules File can be used that will
direct edif2ngd to use the -a option on the command line.
Please see solution 2568 for detailed instructions on using the
User Rules File.
AR# 3421
日期 04/19/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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