AR# 3431


M1.4 MAP/PAR: BUFG is not routed properly for 3164Apc84 package.


Keywords: 3100, 3k, bufg, gclk, aclk, buf, buffer

Urgency: Hot

Geneal Description:
A clock signal is locked to pin13 and connected to a bufg.
Pin 14 is also locked as an output. Signal going to P14 is
a clock signal coming out of another bufg.

P13 is not using the dedicated bufg, instead P14 is always
using it. P13 will assignment will either be ignored
and replaced by P57, or P13 will be used but ACLK (dedicated to
P57) is used.


Filing CR 103173 assigned to be fix in x1_5.
The workaround is to use ACLK or GCLK explicitly.
AR# 3431
日期 10/06/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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