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Spartan-6 Packaging - Why does the Spartan-6 LX45 have more pins than the LX75 in the FG(G)484 package?


In the Spartan-6 Family Overview Data Sheet (DS160), Table 2 shows the device package combinations:
The Spartan-6 LX75 device (XC6SLX75) shows less available I/Os in the FG(G)484 package than the Spartan-6 LX45 device (XC6SLX45) in that same package. Why is this?


The Device-Package Combination table is correct. The cause of the fewer available I/Os is that the LX75T adds another pair of GTP_DUAL at the bottom of the device. The LX45T has two GTP_DUAL, and the LX75T has four.Those additional two GTP_DUALs take away available I/O.The Spartan-6 devices use derived die technology; see (Xilinx Answer 34394), so the added GTP_DUALs have an impact on the LX devices, even though they do not use the GTPs.
AR# 34395
日期 02/20/2013
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