AR# 3442


M1.4 CPLD - A patch is available for several issues.


Keywords: 9500, 95144, patch, jedec, generation, m1.4

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

A m1.4 software patch is available for the following issues:

1. Support for the XC95144

2. Hitop dropping PAD properties such as LOC and SLEW.

3. Fix for Hitop error related to long signal and
instance names.

4. Fix for Hitop issue where optimization disregards
that control signals can have only 1 pterm.

5. A software update is available to support the new CSP48
package in the XC9000 family.

6. Fix for problem where "Use Local Macrocell Feedback"
switch produces bad simulation model.

7. Fix for problem where M1.4 CPLD - Fitter report & timing
simulation (F1.4) gives incorrect equations.


The patch is on the Xilinx Download area at: - for Solaris - For SunOS - For Hp-UX - For Win'95/NT

These update files also include the changes from previous cpld updates.

All zip files are created using WinZip. To obtain this utility,
access WinZip's web site at
AR# 3442
日期 03/08/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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