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12.1 EDK - "system.make:189 *** target pattern contains no '%'"


When I run my custom make file for an EDK project, an error occurs similar to the following:

"system.make:189 *** target pattern contains no '%' "

Why am I receiving this error message?


There are a couple of known issues associated with the above error message:

  1. This error can be caused by the presence of a Windows drive letter nomenclature, such as C:\, instead of Cygwin's drive letter nomenclature /cygdrive/c/. If this is the case, then you need to change your custom make file to Cygwin's drive letter nomenclature.
  2. The above problem can occur when you have an ELF only project in XPS and the ELF file resides outside of the project directory. The work-around is to have your ELF file reside inside the project directory.
  3. This problem is most prevalent when another version of Cygwin is installed. The other Cygwin version can come through other EDA tools or from the Cygwin project. When it is difficult to find the other "cygwin1.dll" that could be interfering with the 'make' program, a natively compiled (MinGW-based) 'make.exe' has been known to work. This 'make.exe' filecan be found at:
  4. Using linked resources has been known to cause this problem as well. The make.exe from item number 3 resolves this problem.



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AR# 34430
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