AR# 34593

11.4 Licensing - System Error: 10055 "WinSock: No buffer space available"


Customer was able to launch any licensed tool while pointing to a floating license server. However when attempting to launch ISim, the following error occurred:

FLEXnet Licensing error:-15,578. System Error: 10055 "WinSock: No buffer space available"

This will case ISim Fulll to not be licensed and therefore it would not launch.


The conclusion of this customer's case was inconclusive. However we managed to resolve the error by providing a node-locked license for ISim as a temporary measure. In this situation, the error no longer ocurred, ISim Full appears to be licensed, but fails to launch with an unknown reason.

There's a possibility of a corrupted install. However the customer switched over to ModelSim and would not want to re-install.

If error above is reproduced in other cases, please contact a licensing and/or ISim expert.

AR# 34593
日期 10/27/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章