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12.1 EDK - "ERROR:EDK:3557 - SimGen does not support Spartan-3E architecture from EDK 12.1..."


I receive the following error:

"ERROR:EDK:3557 - SimGen does not support spartan3e architecture from EDK 12.1 release. Invalid architecture/device specified: spartan3e/xc3s1600efg320-4"

CanI simulate my Spartan-3 and Spartan-3E FPGA EDK designs?


No, the Spartan-3 and Spartan-3E families do not support the new method of initializing the block RAM contents with MEM files. There is noplan toadd this functionality.

The Spartan-3A devices do support this new method.

Resolution 1:

If you are wanting to debug a custom core for your Spartan-3/-3E design, you can use a BFM simulation to help further debug a custom core within a simulation platform.

Resolution 2:

Create a design that targets a similar Spartan-3A device which supports the .MEM creation for a simulation.You then are able to do most of the design simulation in the temporary design and once you are confident with the results, you can transferit to the correct device.



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