AR# 3465


Foundation Schematic Editor F1.x: How to print all black schematics (instead of grey scale).


Keywords: print, black, schematic, Foundation

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description: Printing schematics from the Foundation Schematic Editor may sometimes print in grey-scale instead of in all black. The software does not provide an option to print all of the graphics and text of the schematic in black.


The workaround is to set all the colors in the schematic to
black before sending the print job. Afterwards, you can reset
the schematics to their desired editing colors.

Use the Colors Settings window to change the colors in your
schematics and save different color schemes. In the
Foundation Schematic Editor, under the "View" pulldown menu,
go to "Preferences," and click on "Colors."
AR# 3465
日期 03/07/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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