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AR# 34688

11.x Project Navigator - Unable to parse top level with reference to ".vh" file


I am attempting to add a top level file to an ISE project that has the following 'include line:
'include config.vh
However, the ISE software does not recognize this file as top level.
How can I resolve this issue?


In the situation described above, the likely issue is that the module declaration is depending on information located in the include file.If the file is not located or has an unrecognized file extension, the information in the include file is not parsed.
To makesure that the include file can be found, place the file in the project directory or specify the path to the file. The path specification should be relative to the project directory or an absolute path.
In ISE software 11.1 and earlier,theProject Navigator parser can detect and passinclude files to the ".prj" file for synthesis.However, include files are not shown as part of the active hierarchy.Project Navigator recognizes either 'verilog' or 'vhdl' entries, supporting .v, .vf, and .vh for verilog, and
.vhf, .vhd, .vha, or .vhdl for vhdl.
In ISE Design Suite 12.1 and later, an automatic 'include feature has been added.With this feature, Project Navigator automatically detects and displays all include files found while parsing the project source files. Additionally, you can specify any include file as a Global Include file to be compiled first and used by any source file in the design.



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AR# 34688
日期 12/15/2012
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