AR# 34706


Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.15 for PCI Express - Disconnecting Packets on TX Interface when Interfacing with a link Partner Advertising Non-Infinite Completion Credits Can Eventually Stall the Transmit Interface


Known Issue: v1.15, v1.14, v1.13, v1.12, v1.11, v1.10, v1.9

When interfacing with a link partner advertising non-infinite completion data credits, disconnecting packets on TX interface byasserting trn_tsrc_dsc_ncan eventually stall the transmit interface.


This problem is exposed only if the user application is disconnecting packets and the link partner is completion data credit limited.
See (Xilinx Answer 34444) for other concerns when interfacing with a completion data credit limited link partner.

Revision History
07/06/2011 - Updated for ISE 13.2 and v1.15
04/23/2010 - Updated for ISE 12.1 and v1.14
03/11/2010 - Initial Release



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35321 Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.14 for PCI Express - Release Notes and Known Issues for ISE Design Suite 12.1 N/A N/A
AR# 34706
日期 05/22/2012
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