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12.1 EDK, MPMCv5.04.a - "Launch MIG" button is greyed out in EDK 12.1 and later


When I use MPMC v5.04.a in EDK 12.1, the MPMC GUI "Launch MIG" button is greyed-out and the MIG GUI does not launch.

What is the cause of this and how do I work around it?


In EDK 12.1, the tool software library changes were implementedwhich made the ISE software11.4 and earlier MIG version GUIs incompatable with EDK 12.1. To prevent users from encountering adverse behavior, the "Launch MIG" button was disabled in EDK 12.1 for MPMC v5.04.a.

To work around the issue, MPMCv6.00.a or later should be used, wherethe integrated MIG GUI flow is fully functional.All device families besides Virtex-6 can be trivially upgraded from MPMCv5 by changing the MPMC version to v6 (first 12.1 release is v6.00.a). Virtex-6 device designs require some MHS and UCF file modifications to function properly in EDK 12.1.Consult the MPMC data sheet for detailed Virtex-6 upgrade instructions.

Note that existing designs configured with the integrated MIG flow will continue to be implemented correctly. This issue only affects the generation of the GUI itself, not the batch processing using by the "Generate Hardware" or platgen process.

AR# 34716
日期 12/15/2012
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