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Multimedia Video and Imaging - How do I simulate my Video IP pCore in EDK?


How do I simulate my Video IP pcore in EDK?


Currently, all of the Video cores have encrypted source code, making it impossible to perform a behavioral simulation.

There are several options to work around this limitation:

  • Use a system level Structural simulation.
  • Replace the behavioral wrappers with the structural simulation model for the Video cores.
    This option takes several steps to complete, as follows:
    1. Set the project options to Generate Behavioral simulation (model with DDR enabled).
    2. Ensure that your video cores appear at the end of your ".mhs" file.
    3. Simulation -> Generate Simulation Files.
      You will receive a simgen error when it reaches your video cores and tries to generate behavioral simulation models for them.
    4. Set the project options to Generate Structural simulation.
    5. You will then see two directories under "simulation"; one is behavioral and the other one is structural.
      Under the behavioral simulation directory, modify the "system.prj" so that all compilation of the behavioral core models (e.g., Video Scaler v5.0) is removed.
    6. Add the structural core model (for example Video Scaler v5.0 - axi_scaler_0_wrapper.v) in the same file.
    7. You should then be able to run a simulation on the modified design using the behavioral scripts.
      Note: Simulation times can be quite long since the Video cores are using structural models.
  • Simulate the Video IP outside of EDK
    • Video IP released prior to 14.1, should be generated with a GPP interface and simulate outside of EDK, and then stitch them together in EDK and test in hardware.
    • Video IP released in 14.1 or later, should be generated with the AXI4-Lite Interface and simulated outside of EDK, then the IP can be stitched together in EDK and tested in hardware.



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