AR# 34877


PlanAhead - Cannot find a Partial Reconfiguration license in some cases


I have a floating license for both the PlanAhead tool as well as the Partial Reconfiguration (PR) flow, but when they are on two different servers the PR license is not found.

What causes this issue?


If you have a floating license for the PlanAhead software and PR on two separate servers, only the PlanAhead software license will be found. FlexNEt licensing is finding and holding the PlanAhead software license from the server location and only allowing that server to be checked for further licenses.

To work around the issue, perform one of the following:
  • Generate the floating PR and PlanAhead software licenses with the hostID of the same server.
  • Generate a node locked license for either the PlanAhead tool or PR; with the PlanAhead software license being node locked, the PR floating license will be found.
AR# 34877
日期 02/29/2012
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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