AR# 34878


PlanAhead - "ERROR: [HD-UCFReader 1] Unrecognized symbol \/leaf_2\/cont_ram\/v16384x72/BU2132 found..."


When attempting to import a ".ucf" into the PlanAhead tool,the following error occurs in the console:

"INFO: [HD-UCFReader 0] Parsing UCF File : test.ucf
ERROR: [HD-UCFReader 1] Unrecognized symbol \/leaf_2\/tag_ram\/v4096x16/BU14 found (file = test.ucf, line = 3)"

What does this error mean?


The PlanAhead tool parser is rejecting UCF blocks where there is a backslash ('\') in the block name.

The backslash is being treated as an escape character and does not recognize it.

Before importing, remove any backslashes from the UCF file.

AR# 34878
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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