AR# 3499


M1.4 PAR: ERROR: x45dr - netcheck: / Warning: basrt


Keywords: x45dr, PAR, 1.4, basrt, EC, pin, unroute

Urgency: Standard

General Description: Following error/warnings occur when
trying to run a design through M1.4 that uses the OMUX in
the IOB and also makes use of the GND availble at the EC
pin in the IOB to drive the OMUX.

ERROR:x45dr - netcheck: Signal BUF0/USClk3/lastClkEn is routed to the O pin of
block sClkOut<3> on routing which is not available because the EC pin is
using the Logic Zero option. Re-route the connection to the O pin without
using the wire shared with the EC pin.
WARNING:basrt - Error found on signal: BUF0/USClk3/lastClkEn, leaving it


This problem is fixed in the latest M1.4 Core Tools Update
available on the Xilinx Download Area:

AR# 3499
日期 10/20/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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