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MIG Virtex-6 DDR2/DDR3 - Will calibration fail during Read Leveling Stage 1?


When simulating or running an implemented design in hardware, the MIG Virtex-6 DDR2/DDR3 design might fail calibration for various reasons such as improper board layout or an incorrect pin-out. The calibration algorithm has two stages of read-leveling calibration. However, if a failure is seen, calibration always errors during stage 2 read leveling. Stage 1 does not trigger an error. A failure in read leveling stage 2 is denoted by dbg_rdlvl_done[1:0] = 01.Issues might have occurred during stage 1, but the design does not produce an error flag.

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Stage 1 read leveling always passes for 2 reasons:
  • The design does not differentiate between the case where the core is running at a relatively low frequency. In this case, one or even zero edges of the data valid eye are found when sweeping the IODELAY taps (maximum of 32 taps). One or zero edges can be found both in low frequency cases as well as when there are issues on the PCB. As an example, when one particular bit is stuck-at-1 or 0 no edges of the data valid eye are found. In this case, the read leveling logic would assume that the interface is running at a sufficiently low frequency where 32 taps is simply not enough to find the edge of the window, and attempts to do the best it can to calibrate with maximum margin.
  • If an eye is found, but it is "extremely" small relative to the operating frequency, the read leveling logic does not flag this as an error.
Debug of both read leveling Stage 1 and 2 should be analyzed when dbg_rdlvl_done = 2'b01; see (Xilinx Answer 35169).



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