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MIG Virtex-6 DDR2/DDR3 - Design Requirements for Spanning FPGA Banks


The Bank Selection screen in the MIG tool uses bold black vicinity boxes to outline the available banks from which to select Address/Control, Data, and System Clock groups. What determines the vicinity box? What determines the banks that I can select for my memory interface?

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The MIG design must be placed within three "H-Rows" (horizontal rows of FPGA banks) due to the design's use of regional clocks. For more information on the clocking structure of the MIG design, please see the Core Architecture > PHY section of UG406.

The Address/Control group is selected first as this locks the placement of the MMCM (in the same row). After Address/Control is selected, the data groups must be selected within the 3 row range.



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AR# 35085
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