AR# 3521


3.1i Design Manager - Archive Project does not allow for a corresponding "Restore Project"


Keywords: Design Manager, archive, restore, bundle, project, feature

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

The Design Manager File menu contains a Project Archive command. You can use this
command to create a zipped file containing the top-level design file and the entire xproj
directory. You can also add additional directories and files to the zipped file.

The Archive Project feature does not allow for a corresponding "Restore Project". An
explanation as to why this was not implemented as well suggestions as to how to
go about currently un-archiving your project are documented here.


The reason a "Restore" feature was not added to Archive Project
in 3.1i is because of the fact that Archive Project allows a user
to not only archive their entire project but also archive down to the
version / revision level if you so choose to.

Un-Archiving a project becomes a challenging task due to the fact that
DM requires additional "smarts" to figure out whether or not a user
has archived an entire project or just a portion of it (particular ver or rev).
Restoring into an already existing project becomes even more challenging.

Ideas on how how to deploy this are being evaluated for a future release.

For now, it is recommended to archive one's entire project, then subsequently
unarchive it via the ZIP tool irrespective of the Design Manager. You can then
simply open up the project via File->Open Project, which requires you to identify
the projects corresponding <project>.xpj file.

AR# 3521
日期 07/31/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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