AR# 35298


11.4 EDK, XPS_IIC_v2_02_a - Accessing Chrontel device hangs interface


When using xps_iic_v2_01_a or v2_02_a on the SP605 board to access the ChrontelCH7301C, subsequent accesses fail due to a busy condition. These accesses work in xps_iic_v2_00_a.

How do I resolve this error?


This issue was caused by a change in SDA timing in xps_iic_v2_01_a.This provided an extra clock cycle during the generation of the STOP signal.The Chrontel device does not detect the STOP command with this extra cycle.

This issue is fixed in xps_iic_v2_03_a which is released in EDK 12.1.

AR# 35298
日期 12/15/2012
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