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12.1 EDK - Can I connect to multiple programming cables from XMD?


Can I connect to multiple programming cables from XMD?


Toconnect multiple programming cables in XMD each cable should be individually identified:
XMD%connect< target > -cable type < cable_type > port < port_number >

For example:
XMD% connect mb mdm -cable type xilinx_platformusb port usb21

Each cable has a unique Electronic Serial Number (ESN) and this can be used toconfirm connections to different cables.More information about XMD's ESN commands can be found in the Embedded System Tools Reference Manual's Xilinx Microprocessor Debugger (XMD) chapter.


  1. Since the JTAG interface of the FPGA is shared, only one MicroBlaze processor in an FPGA can be debugged at any given time. In the case of PowerPC, if the JTAG pins of each individual processor are brought out to different pins, then multiple XMD sessions can be run.
  2. In the above connect command, the cable type should be mentioned before the port numbers to avoid auto-detection.



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