AR# 355


GEN_SCH8 5.0 error: Bad status 79502001 from ddp__setup_pin_scan.


When running Gen_sch8 5.0 on a large design (especially with XBLOX), the

following error may occur:

GEN_SCH8 Ver. 5.0.0

Copyright (c) 1987-1994 Xilinx Inc. All rights reserved

DDP v8.2_3.43_5 Fri Jun 04 19:07:36 1993

List of files read

Read file chip_tim.xnf

// Error: Sheet/Symbol diagram is closed (from: Capture/ddp/error 01)

ERROR: Bad status 79502001 from ddp__setup_pin_scan.

Sheet/Symbol diagram is closed

GEN_SCH8: ERROR 386: Error found in check_status.

This problem occurs when a power or ground symbol is the last symbol written

on a generated schematic sheet. Gen_sch8 closes the schematic-sheet object

before writing the symbol to it, causing the error.


This problem has been fixed in Gen_sch8 versions 5.1 and later.

AR# 355
日期 05/08/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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