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AR# 35628

Automotive CoolRunner-II - Why is a strange constraint added when I run Lock Pins?


Why is a strange constraint added when I run Lock Pins from the Optional Implementation Tools list?


When you run LOCK PINs, a constant is added to the UCF as follows:

NET "A2C64A44VQ" LOC = "XA2C64A-7-VQ44";

This is a problem for the Lock Pins program which causes the design to error in translate with the following error:

"ERROR:ConstraintSystem:59 - Constraint <NET "A2C64A44VQ"LOC = "XA2C64A-7-VQ44";> [top.ucf(6)]: NET "A2C64A44VQ" not found.
Please verify that:
1. The specified design element actually exists in the original design.
2. The specified object is spelled correctly in the constraint source file."

To work around the problem, the constraints should either be commented out or removed from the UCF file.

There are currently no plans to fix this issue.

AR# 35628
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
  • CoolRunner-II XA