AR# 35677

12.1 Project Navigator - Constraints from UCF file(s) are being ignored


My project has a UCF file in it, but the timing allocation constraints seem to be ignored.

When I look at the command line for translate (NGDBuild), I see that the -uc switch is being sent correctly.However, I also see the -i switch on the command line.

In some cases, multiple -i switches are entered on the same command line.


This problem occurs for projects where the ".ucf" file is located in a remote directory (not in the project directory) that contains spaces.One "-i" switch is placed on the command line for each space in the directory path.The -i switch tells NGDBuild to ignore the constraints.

To work around the issue, place the UCF file in a directory that does not contain spaces, or put the UCF file in the project directory.

This issue is resolved in ISE Design Suite12.2.



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AR# 35677
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