AR# 35738

ML523 - XGI pin connections in UG225


Table 22 (page 35) of the ML52x User Guide, v2.0 April 17, 2008 (UG225) outlines the XGI Pin Connections to the DUT (J118). For the ML523, the XGI Pin number A62 pin connection is incorrect.


The pin-out in Table 22 (page 35) shows that XGI pin A62 connects to AH32 on the ML523. However, the schematics show that A62 connects to AH34. The schematics are correct; A62 connects to AH34. 

This information has been corrected in the ML52x User Guide, v2.1 August 4, 2010 (UG225):



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AR# 35738
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