AR# 35743


12.1 PlanAhead - Incorrect BIVB DRC errors from the PlanAhead tool


After I generate a memory design using MIG 3.4 in ISE software 12.1, DRC in the PlanAhead tool shows an error on an I/O standard with the pin assignment coming from MIG generated UCF:

Error Messages :
BIVB Error Unsupported IOStandard in bank 1. For example, port mcb1_dram_ck (IOStd = DIFF_SSTL18_II) (IOStd = DIFF_SSTEL18_II) at site J17, M21.mcb1_dram_dqs
BIVB Error Unsupported IOStandard in bank 3. For example, port mcb3_dram_ck (IOStd = DIFF_SSTL18_II) (IOStd = DIFF_SSTEL18_II) at site F2, L3.mcb3_dram_dqs

Customer designs might exhibit this issue as well.


This is a known issue in the PlanAhead 12.1 software which has been fixed in 12.2. Please upgrade to the newest version of the software to avoid this issue.
AR# 35743
日期 09/28/2010
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