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M1.4 : Dynatext gives Dynatext 3.0 Config Error 5055


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General Description
After installing Dynatext Documentation to run from CD-ROM drive on a PC windows95, and you have the installer update your Xilinx variable, you may get following error when involking Dynatex Browser:

DTEXT : dytext 3.0 config error 5055
error in file d:\bin\nt\dynatext.ini



The data directory d:\\data\ntdtext\data cannot be located please verify data_dir settings.

(in this case d: is the CD-ROM drive)
One possible cause of this problem is when M1.4 Implementation tool has not
been installed on to the PC, the installer will create the XILINX variable and set
it to "XILINX=D:\". The "\" at the end of this setting will conflict with some of
the settings in the dynatext.ini file.

Check XILINX variable setting in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If
you have: XILINX=D:\
change to: XILINX=D:

Remove "\", save your autoexec.bat, then re-boot your machine.
Then try involking Dynatext.


Verify that the following directory was installed (see if it exists):

If this directory is missing or empty, manually copy it from the CD.
AR# 3575
日期 10/06/2008
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