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AR# 3579

CPLD 9500/XL/XV CoolRunner-II/XPLA3 - What are the checksums in a JEDEC file, and how do I read it?


General Description:

What are the checksums in a JEDEC file, and how do I read it?


^BQF186624* <-- Number of Fuses in Device

QP352* <-- Number of Package Pins

QV0* <-- Number of Test Vectors

F0* <-- Default Fuse State

X0* <-- Default Test Condition

J0 0* <-- Device ID

N DEVICE XC95216-15-BG352 * <-- Comment Field

N PPMAP 232 A1 * <-- Comment Field

N PPMAP 209 A10 * <-- Comment Field

L0000000 00000011 00000011 00000011 00000011 00000011*^M <-- Fuse List (Data)

L0000040 00000011 00000011 00000011 00000011 000000*^M <-- Fuse List (Data)

L0000078 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000*^M <-- Fuse List (Data)

L0186588 01111111 0111111 0111111 1111111 1111111*^M <-- Fuse List (Data)

C3012*^M <-- Fuse Checksum (3012)

UH0000C95A <-- This line is present if 'Auto Checksum Insertion' is enabled

^CF28D^M <-- '^C' ETX (ASCII 03) End Transmission, 'F28D' File Checksum

NOTE: For the 9500* families, the Usercode is spread across several places in the JEDEC file and is not visible in the file. For CoolRunner families, the Usercode is programmed through the programming tool, and it is not embedded in the Jedec file.

AR# 3579
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章