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13.x Licensing - Known Issues for Xilinx Software Licensing in ISE Design Suite 13.x


This Answer Record details the known issues related to the Xilinx implementation of FLEXnet licensing for the13.x ISE Design Suite release.

For license troubleshooting help, see (Xilinx Answer 32301).

For general questions about Xilinx Software Licensing, see the following FAQpage:

Xilinx LicensingSite:


Outstanding Known Issues in the13.3 ISE Software

(Xilinx Answer 30526) - FLEXnet fails to find license when the computer default network interface is "eth1" (instead of "eth0")
(Xilinx Answer 33026) - Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) might take a long time to load the available licenses
(Xilinx Answer 33159) - XLCM gives an exception when reading certain corrupt license files
(Xilinx Answer 33351) - Erroneous license warnings are issued if an expired license is found before a current license for ISE software
(Xilinx Answer 33719) - XLCM shows only one available seat when a license file contains multiple entries of a feature
(Xilinx Answer 35616) - A floating Partial Reconfiguration license must be on the same server as PlanAhead license in order to be found
(Xilinx Answer 39573) - XLCM does not show "Host-ID Matches" correctly in all cases for USB dongle(s)
(Xilinx Answer 40252) - XLCM does not show "Host-ID Matches" correctly for Disk XLCM Serial Number

Resolved Known Issues in the13.2 ISE Software

(Xilinx Answer 32486) - CORE Generator software Help contains outdated information on how to obtain a full IP license
(Xilinx Answer 37807) - A license is determined to be a trial license if it was generated by a user who has the string "trial" in their email address

Resolved Known Issuesin the13.3 ISE Software

(Xilinx Answer 42948) - The 'ISE' license feature does not allow implementation of 'xc7vx485t' designs
(Xilinx Answer 43417) - Generated licenses for Video Timing Controller v3.0 do not include needed v_tc feature

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