AR# 35947


12.1 EDK - SDK Error: Could not find frame base for "<Function Name>"


I get the following error during debug in SDK although there were no errors during compile time.

Error: Could not find frame base for " < Function Name > "


This error indicates stack corruption due to inadequate space allocated for the stack. To resolve this error, increase the stack space in the linker script, re-compile the code, and then run it through debug.


1. There is not an easy way to determine the stack size requirement. It is best to start with a large number and then reduce it as you go to a release build of code.
2. Stack requirements are typically high when there are a lot of nested function calls.
3. Libraries with file systems like XilFATFS, Xilmfs, etc., require considerably larger amounts of stack space.

AR# 35947
日期 02/10/2011
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