AR# 36167


PlanAhead 12.2 Release Notes


This Answer Record lists the Resolved and Known Issues for the PlanAhead tool in the ISE Design Suite 12.2 release.

Each Known Issue includes a link to another Answer Record that contains additional information on the issue.


Resolved Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 33800) 11.4 PlanAhead - Elaboration fails with std_logic_vector(0:0).

(Xilinx Answer 34872) 12.1 PlanAhead - error [HD-EDIFIN 6] Unsupported Construct on or above linexx

(Xilinx Answer 34870) 12.1 PlanAhead - ERROR:sim - This core is only supported on Windows 32-bit operating system

(Xilinx Answer 35394) 12.1 PlanAhead - MIG cores cannot be re-generated from PlanAhead if copied over from another location

(Xilinx Answer 35393) 12.1 PlanAhead - Opens up looking gray and empty when RTL fails to elaborate

(Xilinx Answer 35390) 12.1 PlanAhead - Hangs when save is clicked multiple times

(Xilinx Answer 35743) 12.1 PlanAhead - Incorrect BIVB DRC errors from PlanAhead

(Xilinx Answer 36372) 12.1 PlanAhead - DRC errors reported on DIFF_SSTL15_T_DCI IOstandard

(Xilinx Answer 35991) 12.1 PlanAhead - The Apply button does not appear after changing the cost table

Known Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 36249) 12.1 PlanAhead - Cannot print default IOstandards to the ucf;

(Xilinx Answer 36640) 12.1 PlanAhead - Why do my errors not get brought to the front after I select "Don't Show This Again"?

(Xilinx Answer 34793) 12.1 PlanAhead - Synthesis with a netlist as top level in an RTL Project

(Xilinx Answer 36643) 12.1 PlanAhead - Changing IP Catalog Location in the Project Settings does not apply when project is re-opened

(Xilinx Answer 36461) 12.1 PlanAhead - "Make Diff Pair" does not work on RTL projects

(Xilinx Answer 35917) 12.1 Virtex-6 PlanAhead - When I import placement, BUFGDLL is not a supported primitive

(Xilinx Answer 34869) 12.1PlanAhead - How do we change CORE Generator Project Options?

(Xilinx Answer 36251) 12.1 PlanAhead - Why am I allowed to change Slew and Drive attributes on input ports?

(Xilinx Answer 35397) 12.1 PlanAhead - PlanAhead cannot set KEEPER to an I/O port of Spartan devices

(Xilinx Answer 36196) 12.1 PlanAhead - The Project Settings dialog fails to retain backslashes in paths

(Xilinx Answer 34878) 12.1 PlanAhead - ERROR: [HD-UCFReader 1] Unrecognized symbol \/leaf_2\/cont_ram\/v16384x72/BU2132 found

(Xilinx Answer 36197) 12.1 PlanAhead - Making changes to the .ncd file in FPGA Editor does not mark Implementation out of date

(Xilinx Answer 34876) 12.1 PlanAhead - "RTL I/O PLanner view" errors on loc constraints

(Xilinx Answer 36036) 12.1 EDK - PlanAhead/ChipScope software flow is broken when there is an ICON in the EDK submodule

(Xilinx Answer 32378) 12.1 PlanAhead - What synthesis tools are supported within PlanAhead?

(Xilinx Answer 36363) 12.1 PlanAhead - When changing I/O attributes on a differential pair, changes are only reflected on the master

(Xilinx Answer 36242) 12.1 PlanAhead - How do I manually set the HDL compile order for XST when running synthesis in PlanAhead?

(Xilinx Answer 36641) 12.1 Partial Reconfig PlanAhead - Constraints on RM logic loaded when the RM is a black box are not applied
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