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2.1i, V1.5, V1.4 COREGEN: How VLLINK.BATand VLLINK are invoked by the COREGEN GUI / debugging problems with VLLINK


Keywords: vllink, viewlogic, coregen, invoke

Urgency: standard

General Description:
How VLLINK.BAT is invoked by the COREGEN GUI in the
1.4, 1.5, and 2.1i releases /
debugging problems with VLLINK



In the 1.5 release, the VLLINK.BAT file is launched
using a new tool called "xstart". Because it is invoked using
xstart, invoking the batch file does not cause a separate DOS
window to pop up to run VLLINK.

In general, if you are doing manual debugging of problems
associated with Viewlogic symbol or WIR file generation in
any COREGen release, you can simply execute the VLLINK batch
file directly. The only thing that the xstart program does
in COREGen 1.5 is standardize the interface and redirect the
output of the command.

However, if you need to run the xstart program manually
for some reason, you can use the same command line that is
issued from within COREGen (the following is a single
command line):

coregen/bin/win/xstart.exe vllink.log coregen/bin/win/vllink.bat
<module_name> <project_path> <project_drive> <proser_path> <target_architecture>


On Workstations:

coregen/bin/win/vllink <comp_name> <project_path> <powerview_path> <target_architecture> <project_library_name>

AR# 3625
日期 08/29/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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