AR# 36578


12.1/12.2 ChipScope Pro - Analyzer - cse_server.exe crashes after attempting to connect to the cable


When I attempt to connect to my Platform Cable USB with ChipScope Pro Analyzer, the cable does not connect and an error pops up saying that the cse_Server.exe has crashed.

The cse_server.exe may crash when switching from the 12.2 Analyzer to the 12.1 Analyzer.


To work around this issue -

(1) Ensure you use the 12.2 Analyzer with a 12.2 cse_server.exe.

(2) If that is not an option, use this workaround to get 12.1 Analyzer to work:Close all instances of the ChipScope Analyzer.

a. Open the file cs_analyzer.ini which can be found in %USERPROFILE%\.chipscope
b. Find the line "xilinx_platformusb.keylist=FREQUENCY PORT ESN" and change it to "xilinx_platformusb.keylist=FREQUENCY PORT" (remove the word ESN)
c. Save the cs_analyzer.ini.
d. Open a 12.1 Analyzer.



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AR# 36578
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