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12.1 EDK - make < target > : *** multiple target patterns. Stop.


In 12.1 when I make a small change to my source codes and build the project again, it gives an error:

**** Build of configuration Debug for project my_project ****

make all
src/mysource.d:1: *** multiple target patterns. Stop.

How do I solve the issue?


That error is generated by Make when the syntax of one of the autogenerated makefiles is wrong. Make sure you are using only relative paths in all your #includes and SDK settings.

To do this, right click on SDK project -> C/C++ Build Settings. Make sure that the General, Directories, Libraries and Linker Script fields have relative paths.

A similar error also appears if you create an ELF only project in XPS and the ELF resides directly in the project directory or in a directory outside of the project directory structure. To work around this scenario, create a daughter directory in your project directory and place the ELF in the daughter directory. Make sure that ELF only software project points to the new location.This particular issue has been fixed in 12.3.



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AR# 36586
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