AR# 3664


M1.3/M1.4 Map: FATAL_ERROR:baste:bastetspec.c:1737:1.69


M1.3/M1.4 Map: FATAL_ERROR:baste:bastetspec.c:1737:1.69 -
Ignore specification TSVO on logical design element PIN has
no NC_BEL Process will terminate. Please call Xilinx support.

The failing netlist and results can be found at the ftp site, in /pub/outgoing/dahl/toxilinx_3_13_98.tar.gz.crypt. To
decrypt the file, do:

crypt "map_fatal" < toxilinx_3_13_98.tar.gz.crypt > toxilinx_3_13_98.tar.gz

The script "runme" runs through map from the included board2_u173.xff
source; runme.log is the resulting stdout/stderr.

The files will be placed at the public directory once connection
can be made to the ftp site.

Customer (IKOS) has other issues that are related.


This problem is fixed in the latest M1.4 Core Tools Patch available
on the Xilinx Download Area:


AR# 3664
日期 04/25/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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