AR# 36680


13.1 CORE Generator - Generating an iBERT core fails with "ERROR:sim - Unable to evaluate Tcl command:..."


When I generate an iBERT core for a Virtex-6 or Spartan-6 device, itfailswith the following error:

"ERROR:sim - Unable to evaluate Tcl command:

{chipscope_ibert_spartan6_gtp_v2_01_a} {chipscope_ibert} {ALL}"


The Tcl error that is flagged by the CORE Generator software during the iBERT implementation is due to invalid settings for the core.The Tcl error is being incorrectly issued instead ofthe expected MAP error.

The expected error from MAP should be:

"ERROR:Pack:1107 - Pack was unable to combine the symbols listed below into asingle IOB component because the site type selected is not compatible."

AR# 36680
日期 05/19/2012
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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