AR# 368


XACT 5.0 workstation install may fail if too much space is avaiable on the drive


When the XACT 5 install program checks disk space, it stores the free space

as a signed long number. If the number of free bytes on the file system is

greater than or equal to 2**31, the number will become negative, and the install program will think that there is not enough room on the drive. This

occurs sometimes as a result of several physical drvies being combined into

a single logical drive.


To work around this, create a temporary file that is large enough to bring

the total free space under 2 Gbytes. You can check free space by using the

df command (or bdf on HPs). Here's a script that will create a file of n

Megabytes, where n defaults to 10. If you save it as bigfile.csh, then

"bigfile.csh 5" would create a 5 Mbyte file, and "bigfile.csh 500" would

create a 500 Mbyte file. This script may run slow.

#!/bin/csh -f


set count = 10


if ( $#argv > 0 ) set count = $argv[1]


@ lines = $count * 1000000 / 50


echo " Creating a $count Megabyte file of $lines lines."


set i = 0

while ( $i < $lines )

echo "123456789012345678901234567890123456789" >> bigfile

@ j = ( $i / 100000 ) * 100000

if ( $j == $i ) echo -n "."



ls -algF bigfile

AR# 368
日期 04/12/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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