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LogiCORE IP OBSAI - Release Notes and Known Issues


This answer record contains the Release Notes for the LogiCORE OBSAI Core and includes the following: 

  • New Features
  • Device Support
  • Resolved Issues
  • Known Issues

For installation instructions, general CORE Generator known issues, and design tools requirements, see the IP Release Notes Guide:

LogiCORE IP OBSAI has been discontinued. Please see the Following PDN:



New Features

  • ISE 13.1 software support
  • Support for Virtex-7 and Kintex-7 devices (Pre-Production status)
  • AXI-Lite Control/Status Management interface added
  • Various RP3-01 Interoperability changes
  • Rx RTT address filtering removed
  • Tx Addresses independently controllable for O&M message types
  • Modulo-Index rule control for RP3-01 messaging
  • CDC FIFO initial fill level selectable (Master core only)
  • CDC FIFO max depth increased to 512 byte (Master core only)

Device Support

  • Operation at line rates up to 3072.0 Mb/s supported in:
    • Virtex-7 and  Kintex-7
    • Virtex-6 XC CXT/LXT/SXT/HXT/-1L
    • Spartan-6 XC LXT (Speed Grade -3 or higher)
    • Virtex-5 XC LXT/SXT/TXT/FXT
  • Operation at line rates up to 6144.0 Mb/s supported in:
    • Virtex-7 devices
    • Kintex-7 FFG device packages Speed Grade -1 or higher
    • SBG and FBG device packages Speed Grade -2 or higher
    • Virtex-6 XC CXT/LXT/SXT/HXT devices (Speed Grade -2 or higher)

Resolved Issues 

  • Disable delay aligner in Virtex-6 devices
  • Virtex-6 FPGA delay aligner fix requires BUFG in MMCM feedback path

Known Issues

  • LogiCORE IP OBSAI v5.1 is in a pre-production state (not fully hardware validated) on Virtex-7 and Kintex-7 FPGA platforms.
  • One extra BUFG is required in Virtex-6 devices relative to the figure stated in the data sheet due to CR591084 for the delay aligner.

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7 Series FPGAs Known Issues

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New Features

  • ISE 12.2 software support
  • Production Status for Virtex-6 and Spartan-6 FPGA
  • OBSAI RP3 V4.2 specification support

Resolved Issues 

  • None

Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 37454) Why does TXRESETDONE never get asserted and why does core fail to synchronize or assert stat_tx_frame_sync in Virtex-6 FPGA Core?
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